"It is vain to do with more what can be done with fewer." WILLIAM OF OCKHAM (1300-1350),
the creator of the principle of "Ockham's razor"

The multidimensional cubes can be deep analyzed with OLAP Planner.
You can be familiar with PowerPlanner during operation with the following downloadable video.
Top-down budgeting in hierarchy

Goal-seek calculation

Adding a new member

Data versioning
Built-in features for rolling budgeting and forecast

Share PowerPivot Model

Change PowerPivot Model

Publish PowerPivot Model

Import data

PowerPlanner editions
The value of a specified level of hierarchy is the aggregated value of the values of descendant levels. It is possible to manipulate the data on a defined scope, with the associated elementary-level data are even modified.

Searching for a particular break even point is a difficult task, if the margin calulation is determined by a number of variables. The goal-seek calulation is working with a simple selection of the would-be modified cells. It can be used for example calculating the quantity or unit price for a certain margin.

Adding a new member to a model is easy with PowerPlanner. With PowerPivot backgroud we can eliminate the Excel-jungle and simplify a financial model.

New data versions can be made from actual data or even from a budgeting version for further modification. Forecasting and making the basics of a budget is always timetaking procedure, but not with PowerPlanner.
"Time shift" can be applied on data sources: we can make a budgeting version for the actual period from the actual data of previous period and can forecasting easier.

Collaborative work and security in PowerPlanner. Share your model with your colleauges and grant them row level read / write permission.

If a PowerPivot model is upgraded the coworkers' previous model version - which is included in their Excel files - can be updated by PowerPlanner.

Publish your PowerPivot model with PowerPlanner. A built-in webengine can be used if we would like to have our reports published on web or on our mobile. We can share our model with other Excel clients, too.

Import data with PowerPlanner. With the table editor tool we can import data as well. You can use the PowerPlanner's command line program (Import.exe) for scheduled updates.

The above described features are set in different editions. The feature desciption of the editions can be found on the webpage of the producer company.

Multidimensional models can be modified easily and the reports can be prepared quickly with PowerPlanner, reducing time for ad-hoc reporting and significantly increases the efficiency of the controlling department.